Review : MooGoo Milk Wash

Product Description
MooGoo Milk Wash uses a combination of 6 different natural cleansers. A small amount of many different cleansers can be less irritating than using one. We also add other ingredients to help skin conditioning. Initially formulated as a face cleanser, we put it in a larger bottle as why should the rest of the body be forced to use something not as good.
Genuine ingredients are added to prevent drying of the skin. Milk Protein (Casein) is similar to the skin's own protein and helps maintain elasticity.  The natural ester Glycerol Oleate helps to prevent skin water loss and leaves the skin smoother.

It was a last ditch attempt to purchase MooGoo products when I was at the Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, on the way home. Large and bulky, I didn't think it was worth the effort to add weight to my limited space luggage while I was sightseeing in Australia but I just couldn't resist it when I saw MooGoo Milk Wash in one of the airport shops. The whole packaging just looks so alluring especially with the seductive "milk wash" which makes one think of Cleopatra and her beautiful skin soaked in milk baths. A 500ml size costs AUD18 which can easily costs me $29.90 in Singapore so why not?

Review : Pond's Flawless White BB+ Cream SPF 30 PA++

Product Description
Your solution to a brightening foundation cream with UVA and UVB protection. This BB+ Cream covers your spots instantly while reaching deep within your skin to lighten your dark spots and dark circles, resulting in clear, fair and flawless skin

I received a full retail size of 25g Ponds Flawless White BB+ Cream SPF 30 PA++ during a sample redemption from samplestore in July this year. You can use my link to join as a member and start redeeming free samples like me too.

Ponds Flawless White BB+ Cream SPF 30 PA++ is housed in a silver and pink coloured combination tube which dispenses the BB cream via a small hole. I started using the product without much expectation but was surprised at how much I love the texture. And at $14.90, it was such a steal. I am being greedy but I really hope it can upgrade to being PA+++, with maximum protection.

Review : Mediheal Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Product Description
This Anti-wrinkle eye care mask makes your skin elastic and moisturized under the eyes with effective components such as phyto black complex, marine collagen and silk peptide which can penetrate into around the eye skin area

Made in Korea, I purchased a box ( containing 3 pieces ) for 8500 won from Testerkorea earlier this year. Mediheal Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask is said to help in moisturising, firming and brightening the eye area. 

Review : Uriage Thermal Water

Product Description
Uriage Thermal Water is a skincare water for daily use, a powerful treatment formulated with trace elements and mineral salts, a source of radiance for your skin.

Benefits :
Moisturise : due to its high concentration in mineral salts similar to the skin's NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors), it offers unique moisturizing benefits

Soothe : soothes sensitive skin because of its high content of calcium and magnesium salts
Protect : silicon reinforces the skin's hydrolipidic film. Also helps to restore the cutaneous barrier, thanks to mineral salt

I always have a positive impression of Uriage, which gives the impression of soothing and calming properties of their products formulated for sensitive skin. Check out my review for Uriage Tolederm Hydra Soothing Cream and Uriage Soothing Cleansing Water

Review : Decleor Hydra-Nourishing Duo Mask

Product Description
Inspired by our professional expertise, this 2-step mask offers comfort to the skin: Hydration phase 1 provides a fresh soothing sensation, then Nutrition phase 2 nourishes the feel of skin with moisture. Feelings of tightness seem reduced due to dryness, the skin feels softer and looks luminous. Enriched with Argan oil and Cranberry oil.

Key Ingredients : 
  • Dimethicone
  • Shea Butter
  • Avocado Oil
  • Marjoram Leaf Oil
Benefits :
  • helps provide deep, long-lasting moisture
  • helps reinforce the skin's hydration barrier
  • helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • helps alleviate irritation associated with dryness
  • helps promote a soft, supple and smooth skin
  • helps provide antioxidant protection

Best suited for dry and matured skin types, Decleor Hydra-Nourishing Duo Mask is a 2 part skincare system that is said to deliver concentrated reparative and protective antioxidants to the skin. Each tube is only 25ml and I used up both within 1.5 months with once or twice a week usage.

I bought a box of 2x25ml mask for $25 from the recent Luxasia sale. The travel-friendly sizes are great for short trips. Both tubes, as shown, are housed in yellow tubes and depressions are required to get the contents out. Hydration Phase 1 is an almost clear milky white gel which provides a cooling and fresh sensation while Nutrition Phase 2 is a white creamy mask to be applied 5 minutes after Phase 1.

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