3 Beauty Insider Tricks To Reduce Eyebags Fast

(1) Tea
The astringent tannins from tea are a tried-and-tested way of lending an instant lift to your lids. Simply recycle used tea bags by chucking them in an airtight container in the fridge, for easy retrieval whenever you need a quick fix. Slap them on like you would any cold compress, kick up your kitten heels for five minutes or so, then whip off for a radically reinvigorated visage.

5 Natural Beauty Tips Straight from Your Kitchen Cabinet

1. Skin toner: Green Tea

If you suffer from blemished, oily or acne-prone skin, it’s best to stay away from harsh chemical toners that do more harm than good by stripping your skin. Instead try good old green tea tosoothe, calm and clear your skin. Just use it regularly for a few weeks to see the difference.
Ingredients: Green tea leaves (or bag) + fresh water
Method: Brew a fresh cup of green tea. Let it cool. Pour it into a bottle and refrigerate. Don’t store for more than 3 days, so keep making small batches.
Application: Soak cotton pads with the green tea and swipe all over your face. Use in the morning and evening after cleansing your skin.
Why it works: Green tea is brimming with anti-oxidants that soothe and heal angry, red, irritated skin.

Review : Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Oil Elixir Express Repair Spray

I purchased Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Oil Elixir Express Repair Spray from Watsons in Beijing back in December last year. Interestingly, I was not able to get any online information about the product even from their China website.

According to the description at the back of the bottle, the Extra Care Ultimate Oil Elixir Express Repair Spray is said to protect the hair shaft from breakage, coating each hair strand with argan oil, making the hair soft, smooth and shiny. Just in case, I translate it wrongly, I have also captured a shot of the description below.

Review : Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask

Product Description
Hydrogel mask with high snail extract that provides hydration and organic green tea which provides rich moisture

Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask has a strong scent, but no worries, it smells nothing like snails, although I am clueless on how a snail smells. It is just not pungent or foul smelling.

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