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Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog and trying to find out the person behind it!

I'm Agnes, the resident muse behind Review Galore, a personal blog on 
Skincare and Haircare Product Reviews | Salon Reviews | Beauty Tips | Celebrities Know-Hows | Make-Up Products | Hauls | 

Reside in Singapore and enjoy travelling. A big fan of matcha, froyo and alcoholic desserts. Often lost in the world of books and Korean dramas. Loves learning and exploring. Has a daily battle with a bucket of to-do-list on my table in order to meet my goals. An engineer by day. A business owner by night. 

95% of the products are paid and tested by yours truly. 99% of the products are used up till the last drop.I don't believe in wasting products and I only start a new product when the old one is used up. Hence, you can be assured that I am the guinea pig in all the experiments, to provide first hand experience to all my readers. 

I enjoyed taking care of my skin and skin, being the largest organ on the body forms the first impression when you meet people for the first time. I followed these 2 mantras when it comes to skincare : 
a) Good skin is the best foundation for makeup to enhance the looks
b) What you do everyday is better than what you do occasionally

I believe in spending time and effort to take care of my skin and is willing to spend more on skincare than make-up. No matter how busy you are, spend a few minutes of your me-time to take care of your skin ( put away that phone and stop checking facebook and instagram for that few minutes ) and it will surely thank you for it, 30 years down the road. 

I used to have poor skin when I was younger, due to a combination of different factors - genetics ( my mum has really bad skin when she was young! ), bad diet ( blame it on fried food and a lack of vegetables and fruits! ), oily hair that covers my forehead and cheeks and pure ignorance of skincare products.

I am glad that through my own reading and research, I am now in better control of my skin. I have always been told that I look young for my age and among my friends. So if I can do it, you can also do it!

Do follow me, if you think my blog serves your needs. I would love to make friends with like-minded individuals.  

And if you are keen in my other interests, check out MatchaMusings where I muses about my Korea drama indulgences, matcha obsessions and recycling initiatives.

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